I'm nothing

I like to think that I'm mature at times, but unfortunately, there are these immature and selfish thoughts that still run through my mind.
I love laughing and there are times where i just die of laughter. i would laugh for 15 minutes non-stop for no reason whatsoever. yeah. i'm smooth like that. (;
but i have these times where i just break down and cry. i would just cry until my eyes go poofy and red and they sting.
I'm a sucker for romance, whether it's fanfiction, anime, yaoi, drama or a movie.
it melts my heart and makes me feel all goo-ey and giddy. i start smiling and crying at the same time and then i feel all bubbly and happy. (:
there are probably many sides of me  that i have yet to know about. i fall in love too easily. it's horrible.
i love the smell of rain and staring out my window when it rains. it makes everything seem so real, yet so fake at the same time. Asian food makes me high. i love taking photos. music is a big part of my life. without it, i reckon i would be a pile of emotionless and music-deprived furballs.
so enjoy stalking my stupid life.
hopefully, it's not too boring. yet not too extraordinary. something in between would be nice.
& i don't have much sanity left, so you'll have to deal with me.